help a friend and put some cash in your pocket

We understand that everyone could use a little spare change these days.

As a special thank you for referring us to a friend, we created an exciting new network referral program you are going to love!

When you connect Techstyle AV with a new customer, we pay you a 2.5% affiliate commission up to $500.

Say your friend wants home automation, some security cameras, lighting control, and motorized shades in their smart home.

When we have a signed contract for the project, and collect a deposit from them, we will immediately send you a commission in good ole fashion American currency... all you have to do is let them know about us.

It's simple right?

We believe so much in our vision, and the relationships we are creating with manufacturers, customers, and the community, and are confident of surpassing everyone's expectations.

For us it's about more than the money. We are interested in helping all of your friends experience what it's like to live in a thoughtful home, and look forward to sharing our gratitude with you.

We are interested in building long term value for our customers and want to be the smart home company your friends and family come to rely on and trust for years to come!

At the end of the day, we are more focused on providing professional service to more customers, and doing it in a way that is simple and easy.