elegant and sophisticated outdoor lighting

We are excited to be teaming up with FX Luminaire as an authorized dealer of their outdoor lighting products.

They are always redefining the definition of professional landscape lighting with new models that will transform your property.

Being in business since 1989, FX Luminaire has been a leader in outdoor lighting for over 30 years.

Their ability to manufacturer landscape and architectural lighting that combines next-level technology with durable construction and energy-efficient LEDs makes them a pioneer in the industry.

You have complete control over dimming, color changes, and scene setting through integration with popular control systems, or you can use the FX Luminaire app.

From pool lighting to deck lighting, there is no job too big for the lighting systems that FX Luminaire manufacturers.

They are dedicated to finding and perfecting new ways to improve outdoor lighting systems, and offer a variety of low-voltage lighting transformers with varying levels of control to accommodate projects of all scopes, ranging from simple on/off capabilities to next-generation Luxor® technology.

We are excited to show you how simple outdoor lighting control can be, while still having an array of features that sum up FX Luminaire in in one word: beautiful.

Learn more about FX Luminaire at www.fxl.com.

Call Techstyle AV today at 845-204-8884 if you have any questions or need additional information.

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