AV Pro Edge AC-MX-42X

The AC-MX-42X is a four input by two output HDMI matrix switcher. It supports HDMI2.1, HDCP2.3, 8K video resolution with 40 Gbps bandwidth capacity. This matrix switcher is perfect for working with gaming consoles, streaming devices, and satellite receivers, connecting them to 8K TVs and projectors. In addition, this matrix equalizes and amplifies signal to ensure HDMI signals will transmit through long HDMI lines without loss of quality.

This Matrix Switch creates the ultimate 8K Home Theater Experience.

Works with any 3rd party home control system like URC Total Control, Control 4, or Josh.ai.

AV Pro Edge AC-MX-42X  HDMI Matrix Switch

AV Pro Edge AC-AXION-4

The AC-AXION-4 is a high bandwidth audio/video matrix switcher. What makes this product unique is the ability to downmix bitstream audio beyond 7.1 channel into a 2-channel audio signal via all four inputs, including Dolby Atmos and DTS-X. This Matrix switcher's back-end interface has been completely redesigned from the ground up, allowing complete control through this Axion Interface.

Supporting the full HDMI 2.0 a/b specification and supporting every version of HDR, this matrix will ensure you can get the most out of any system.

Controlling the AC-AXION-4 is not a problem with the AXION Interface, as you can manage all the settings and controls. We also offer drivers for all the top control systems. The AC-AXION-4 will become a staple in your large demanding installations!

AV Pro Edge AC-AXION-4 Audio VIdeo Matrix Switch

AV Pro Edge AC-EX70-444-TNE

AVPro Edge’s 70-meter 4K transmitter can support long-distance runs of high bandwidth data signals over standard category cable. Professional AV installers will use this device anytime they need to send HDMI signals long distances. This device will convert the HDMI signal into an HDBaseT type that distributes uncompressed video data through walls and underground to areas that are not easily reached.

This device works perfectly with any HDBaseT TV, projector, or AVR, but even more so works with AVPro Edges scaling HDBaseT Receiver (AC-EX70-SC2-R). When paired together you are in full control of the video signals that are passing through, you can input a full 4K60 signal, but scale it to a standard 720p for legacy TVs and projectors.

AV Pro Edge AC-EX70-444-TNE HDMI Extender