smart home installation

more than reliable, secure technology, best-in-class smart home installation

That’s why homeowners and our network partners turn to Techstyle AV smart home installation services. It means having access to a wealth of expertise at a reasonable cost and someone you can count on 24/7.

With Techstyle AV's professional tech support, you gain peace-of-mind knowing that your home control system and network installation are working properly.

Whether it’s remote or remote/on-site support, Techstyle AV has a world-class team that you can trust. Expect a consistently excellent and personalized experience every single time!

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you can speak with a real human when you need help

Our monthly remote plan provides worry-free service for our customers because technical support is there for you whenever you need it. No automated messages, or mazes to walk through.

we will visit you onsite

While most issues can be resolved remotely by having a professional tech support specialist login to your system, it’s beneficial to have someone that can go to your home or place of business as needed.

Techstyle AV also provides premium remote/onsite service for customers in our service area.

you can get remote and remote/on-site support available outside of normal business hours.

Because you may have an emergency and need urgent help, even on the holidays, Techstyle AV has your back! Just call and we will be standing by ready to assist you immediately.

fast response, problem solved. it's Techstyle AV

With providing custom home theater installation and home automation services for close to 20 years, we’ve built a solid response system. When you become a service plan client, our team will define our response time frame in your service agreement.