simple voice control

Meet Josh: the most feature-rich, intuitive voice control system on the planet.

By connecting all of your smart home devices to Josh Core, just say, "Okay Josh, Good Night" and your motorized shades go down, lights turn off, doors are locked, and thermostat is turned down.

The ecosystem is robust, yet incredibly user-friendly and provides a ton of voice commands to make your life easier.

You will be blown away by how simple it is!

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Purpose-built for luxury living spaces, Josh Micro is a beautiful and powerful device that can be placed in any room to provide natural control over your environment.

Josh Nano is slightly larger than a quarter, yet is optimized to control the largest and most advanced systems.

The most robust, fortified, and versatile component of the ecosystem. Josh Core acts as the brain of the smart home, communicating with Josh Nano, Josh Micro, and the Josh app.